How To Apply Crimson Phoenix Pheromone Perfumes

Apply the perfume oil to the pulse point areas of the body, as you would any oil base perfume which you purchase from a department store. (Pulse points are areas where our body exudes greater body heat.)

The pulse points are as follows:

Usually a drop or two per point is sufficient, however, play with it and find what works for you as everyone's body chemistry is different and also varies from day to day. These perfumes have an abundant amount of pheromones added to them so they are very powerful.

These perfumes are not chemical based, as a result some people find that the scent will not last as long as a department store perfume and may need to be applied a tiny bit more heavily, while others find that they last longer - up to a day or more. Regardless of how your body chemistry reacts to the scents, the pheromones, which are not consciously detectable by our sense of smell, will remain efficacious as long or longer than the fragrance itself. The actual length of efficaciousy depends on your body chemistry and the amount of perfume used.

Wearing Crimson Phoenix Pheromone Perfumes

Observe the reactions in people near you when you are wearing these perfumes.

Common reactions are enhanced eye contact, a tendency toward relaxation and comfort levels around you, increased conversation with you by others, at times a slight flush to the face on others -especially when in close contact or body contact(hugging, dancing, necking etc.), and a more focused attention toward you. When in a passionate encounter observe the increase in passion levels and arousal.

Wear the perfumes and ENJOY!


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